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Yacht Management is a relatively new branch to the Yachting Industry. It has emerged through the ongoing popularity of sailing vacations, or chartering. Boat owners are opting out for the opportunity of placing their yacht in a charter fleet.

Yacht Management alleviates many of the activities that support the operations of a yacht. szkolenie przedluzanie rzes lódz that are associated with the care of your yacht are made as pleasurable as possible, and less of a hassle. The role of yacht management is to bridge the gap between recreational and professional yachting. A “newbie”, intending to relieve their stress would benefit greatly from this. Yacht Management can make the difference of keeping a dream from becoming a nightmare.

Yacht Management & Chartering

Yacht Management is crucial when it comes to chartering a boat. Generating income with a boat isn’t easy, but in almost all cases, success depends on treating a vessel as a business. Yes, of course a boat owner will attach only recreational purposes to their boat. This is normal, most of time that is the intention. Purchasing Yachts and immediately placing them into a charter program is a growing trend, though. According to many boat owners, one of the easiest ways to slip into chartering is to get the help of a yacht management company. The Catamaran Company has a division dedicated to these kinds of services.

These services include listing the vessel with yacht brokers nationwide or internationally, so the yacht owner does not have to spend their time on advertising and marketing. The most sophisticated services take care of everything from booking the yacht, collecting payments and coordinating maintenance and repairs. In return, the management company collects a percentage of the charter income. The boat owner collects on the larger percentage of course. The Catamaran Company client profits are in the higher side of the spectrum, when considering industry standards.

Allowing, a firm take care of the management of your boat will help you offset some of the costs of buying and maintaining a boat. One of yacht managements many functions are to protect the buyer’s investment. A team of professionals will have a greater chance of prolonging the life of the investment.

Typical Catamaran Company Maintenance Services

The Catamaran Company is dedicated to making every aspect of boat ownership and use pleasurable for you, your family and your guests. Our service department can help preserve and even enhance the long-term value of one of your most important investments. We will make sure that your yacht is ready to go whenever you are.. and all in top operational condition!